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We are calling for bids to be the next cities to join us on our mission to raise awareness of healthy eating for the under fives. Start Smart is a project that brings together national businesses, government and communities to effect positive change – are you ready to Start Smart?

Start Smart in Leicester

This March, Start Smart partnered with Leicester City Council to pilot Start Smart, running a week of fun filled activities, which aimed to increase the awareness of children’s health and nutrition.

1,600 breakfasts given to children under-five with free childcare

1,000 helpful start smart bags delivered to families

Cookery lessons for more than 100 kids and parents

More than 30 families received shopping sessions with nutritionists

65 activities across six days

320 nursery children across Leicester

What Our Supporters Say...

Cllr rory palmer - deputy city mayor leicester city council

"Making simple changes to adopt a healthier diet is much easier than you might think, and Start Smart has given people inspiration, ideas and the tools they need to make that change."

hrh - the duke of york - kg

"Congratulations to team @paul_lindley @StartSmartUK for raising awareness of health and nutrition for kids"

tom aikens

"Projects like Start Smart, which offer advice and support to enable people to make healthy choices are crucial, not least by showing people that healthy eating can be fun!"

professor david haslam

"Start Smart offers a practical solution to promoting healthy eating habits at an early age, both national and local politicians across the country must take on board what this campaign is doing to promote healthy eating."

rt hon keith vaz mp

"At a time when we are seeing a huge rise in obesity and prevalence of diabetes, it’s welcome news that something is being done on a grass roots levels to combat these problems."

"More must be done to tackle the obesity epidemic this country faces and Start Smart campaign is a great step in terms of fighting this."

jamie oliver

"Start Smart will help get kids interested in the food they eat, where it comes from, how it affects their bodies and crucially, how to cook it. In my eyes, anything that helps get kids engaged with food at a young age like this is really positive."

anthony worrall thompson

"I’m proud to be Ambassador for children’s health initiative @StartSmartUK putting the fun back into food – look for them in Leicester next week"

about start smart

Start Smart is the grassroots healthy eating project tackling childhood nutrition and putting the fun back into food.

The project has been developed from the Averting A Recipe For Disaster report, a campaign led by Paul Lindley, CEO and founder of Ella's Kitchen. The report found worryingly low levels of nutrition and spoke of the need to improve understanding and awareness of healthy eating.

The Start Smart Week is a week of fun, educational activities, offering advice and support to parents and children. We believe that from small ripples, we will eventually see a big wave of positive change. Working in partnership with Leicester City Council we successfully delivered a pilot Start Smart Week across 17th-22nd March 2014.

We are now welcoming bids for the next Start Smart city. Let’s show how fun food can be, together!

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